Expert Heating Installation, Service and Repair on your
Home Heating System or Central Furnace

When the weather gets cold, call Miami Heating & Cooling for any heating repair or installation in the Hamilton, Ohio and Butler County area.

Heating systems always seem to break down at the worst time. Being available when you need us in one of the things that makes us one of the top heating contractors in the Hamilton, Ohio and surrounding area. Our expert heating repair technicians can fix your gas or electric furnace, air handler, heat pump or wall furnace. We promise to get your system up and running quickly and conveniently.

When your heating system is running its best, it will;

Keep you more comfortable

Last longer

Cost less to operate

Break down less often

Reduce the potential for dangerous hazards

Our experts won’t just fix your immediate problem–they’ll warn you of anything else that could compromise your comfort, health or safety and offer remedies to ensure the care-free enjoyment of your comfort system.

We do charge a nominal trip charge to come out and diagnose your problem but we’ll waive that charge if you have a repair. That fee varies by location and other factors, but we’ll certainly let you know what it is before we come out.

Once we determine the problem, we’ll explain your options and quote you a firm price for the repair. That price is fixed so you never have to pay more for a technician who may not work as fast as another.

These are some of the heating problems we find most often;

Furnace no heat

Furnace not coming on

Uneven temperatures

Not hot enough

Carbon monoxide warning

Water in furnace

Furnace noise

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, or something else completely, give us a call. Minor problems can often lead to bigger, more serious problems. Don’t take a chance.

We also install the following new and replacement heating equipment:

Gas furnaces

Oil furnaces

Electric furnaces

Electric air handlers

Heat pumps

Wall furnaces

Filtration systems

Programmable thermostats

and more!